Seán Moloney

Traditional Irish Flautist

Sean Moloney Boehm system and simple system flute and whistle

Sean's experience writing music for Tarry Flynn theatre production

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Tarry Flynn Musicians/Instruments

Philip Doddy (fiddle and tin whistle)
Caroline Locke (piano)
Jacinta Uí Chonghaile (concertina)
Irene Moloney (bodhrán and mandolin)
Shane Moloney (fiddle and keyboard)
Sean Moloney (fiddle, flutes and tin whistle)

Tarry Flynn – About the Music

Writing music for me is sporadic, usually occurring during a time of peace and reflection possibly following an exiting event or a busy period. Although I could have cherry-picked from the vast well of previously composed traditional tunes and adapted suitable rhythms and melodies to Tarry Flynn it presented me with a chance and a focus to test my composition skills. I thought it would also be something new and fresh for the audience.Firstly I read Kavanagh’s novel, which of course vividly explains life in rural Ireland as it was some decades ago and brought back the happiest memories of long summers spent working, daydreaming and playing in the fields on my uncle’s farm. I took Morrison’s script to an old cottage in rural Ireland with the intention of first reading the script and afterwards to write suitable music for the scenes. That’s not how it worked. As I was reading the script the music flowed from my mind just as the scene’s one by one jumped out of the page from Morrison’s exciting script. In two days of isolation the music was ready. It was easy. The wonderfully expressive script gave me the focus and stimulation to match the moods of the scenes with music. Theatre and music can both equally express emotions, from the slip jig joyous scene of ane born calf springing to his feet to the baroque-like dead march of an unwanted stranger ominously approaching a rural Irish cottage along a narrow winding lane. Most of the music is firmly rooted in the traditional Irish idiom with a 1930’s flavour and with some deviation to a more universal ballroom style for the dance hall scene. Fiddles feature very strongly in this production with an important dramatic role for the bodhrán. Concertina, flute, tin whistle, mandolin and piano complete the compliment of instruments to be heard in this production.
Seán Moloney